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We believe in the power of filmmaking and the preservation of stories.

Our Best Sellers

Your imagination is free to run wild with ideas but here's a great start!


Mother's & Father's Day

A completely new way to say I love you & so much more. This can be filmed solo, with other family members or with your parents. Everyone will treasure this unique and heartwarming gift. Not only will it bring tears of joy, but you will be amazed at how long the effects last. It's only one day a year but this gift will last a lifetime!



Cards, gifts & trips are great but sharing your stories, accomplishments & most cherished moments through filmmaking helps you appreciate just how far you've come. You can do this solo & go for the surprise or you can work together & create the perfect film for you both. 


Valentines Day

For the true romantic. This is the gift they will never forget and don't be surprised if they brag to their friends about it. Most of us buy cards because we're not poets or writers but we all know how we feel and thats the most important part. It's my job to pull those feelings out of you, organize them and let your words do the rest. 



Preserving a legacy through film is not only unique but extremely effective. As a gift, this film will touch your loved one deeply. It's a chance for them to reminisce over a lifetime of memories & to watch their family discover the many dimensions of their life story.



The loss of a loved one is painful & may take a lifetime to heal. We've  found that remembering them, sharing their accomplishments & listening to others tell their most cherished memories of them can be incredibly helpful for healing & also a beautiful gift to those that miss them most. 


Achievement or Retirement

Don't let stories of great accomplishments or a lifetime's worth of work go untold. Celebrate the trials & tribulations you went through throughout your career or share the magic in how you achieved your biggest goals. This is a truly incredible gift.


"I can't even express just how much this film means to me and my family. Will did an incredible job bringing Ben's story to life and we are all truly grateful for his talents"



"WOW. What a cherry on top. I can't imagine this day without it. She loved it and so did the whole family!!"


(Wedding Proposal)

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